Scene building

scenery with polyurethane foam



Scene building for theatre, movies, museums or aquariums is often made out of bi-component polyurethane foam. May it be for filling, for the structural strength, bonding of polystyrene, or only to get voluminous forms.


Thanks to the different type of nozzles, you may foam the way you need it:


  • Filling and structural strength with the cone spray nozzles,
  • Bonding with the fan spray nozzles, for a very thin layer,
  • Or creating large volumes with the pouring nozzle.


To work in a workshop or on a construction site, these products offer endless possibilities.


Many companies have used our products with great success within popular attractions and movie sets.




scenery with PU foam
Scenery with PU foam

PUR foam FROTH-PAK™ in scenery. The making of a giant coffee mug.