Industrial insulation

industrial insulation with PU foam



Thanks to its high insulating performances (more than 95% of closed cells, high dimensional stability, and a fire Euroclass E rating) injected polyurethane foam is an excellent product for professional insulation.


In the petrochemical, food-processing, pharmaceutical and refrigeration industries or any activity dealing with fluid transport subjected to extreme high and low temperatures.


The injected foam will fill the whole structure, eliminating thermal bridges.


However, it is sometimes very difficult to access some installations. When the pipes are curved, it is necessary to cut the insulation material and bond it together, but with FROTH-PAK™, this is not a problem.


Our products are portable and autonomous, they can be taken on any scaffold.


Many professionals already use our product.




How to insulate pipes with FROTH-PAK?
How to insulate pipes with FROTH-PAK?

An example of FROTH-PAK usage in refrigeration insulation, piping, thermal insulation. Injecting polyurethane foam insulation.