The FROTH-PAK 180 products are sold in a kit where an isocyanate tank is combined with a polyol tank. Depending on application we opt for the slow rise [SR], quick rise [QR] or high density [HD] polyol. Two hoses connect the separate tanks with the spray gun. The nozzle which clicks onto the spray gun allows uniform mixing of the two basic components of the insulating polyurethane foam. The kit contains 2 dispensable pressurized tanks which must be connected with hoses to a spray gun. The package has a metal handle allowing you to move the kit while working. The total gross weight of the kit is approximately 17kg.


Under free rise conditions the Froth-Pak 180 kit gives a yield of approximately 400 litres of expanded PU foam. Contact us for more info.




ultimate volume within solid permanent structure density
FP 180 SR 60 sec 8 min 30 kg/m³
FP 180 QR 30 sec 5 min 30 kg/m³
FP 180 HD 25 sec 5 min 45 kg/m³




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We recommend


  • Gun Hose Assembly 9ft [with hoses of 2.9m]
  • Anti-Crossover nozzle kit [25 pack]




Froth-Pak 180 Systeem
FROTH-PAK 180 System

How to get the Froth-Pak 180 kit ready for use? Connecting the hoses and prepare the PU insulation foam set. Under free rise conditions the Froth-Pak 180 kit gives a yield of approximately 400 litres of expanded PU foam.