Fomicom specialise in the manufacture, marketing and sale of portable, autonomous polyurethane systems. Located in Maldegem [Belgium], Fomicom offers a wide range of polyurethane systems and equipment for the professional user. Our strategically located offices mean we can quickly supply European clients with high quality products and services.


Fomicom is a market leader when it comes to innovation geared towards minimising the impact on the environment. The foam systems produced by Fomicom meet the guidelines laid out in the Montreal Protocol dated 1987. The products do not contain formaldehyde or CFCs. Most duel component systems are available in refillable packaging. The polyurethane foams are easy to use and do not require a huge investment when it comes to the necessary equipment. Clients can visit the head office in Maldegem - or receive representatives at their own offices - for demonstrations and courses. Fomicom guarantees excellent support during the execution of a client’s project. Contact us for more information.



FROTH-PAK™ polyurethane foam

FROTH-PAK™ is designed for many uses in professional building and industrial applications:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Air and water barrier
  • Structural strengthening or mechanical fastening
  • Repair jobs
  • Filling voids and cracks


Whatever your application may be, there is a FROTH-PAK™ Spray Foam to meet your insulating needs. Contact us for more information.



Froth-Pak easy-use