Air tight sealing

airtight insulation with polyurethane foam



Since the implementation of the new European standards and in particular the German ones about passive house construction, the specification books which achieves the passive house standards typically includes: A very good level of insulation with minimal thermal bridges and an excellent level of air tightness.

These are the two specifications which FROTH-PAK™ fills perfectly:


  • The high insulation quality of sprayed polyurethane foam in the attic for instance, or combined with other insulating products (as you decide of the thickness you spray and how you spray it) will seal your building envelope completely.
  • And finally totally air tight sealed, as those are the main properties of the product, thanks to more than 95% of closed cells, and adhesion to any material it is sprayed on.

With FROTH-PAK™ it is possible to insulate existing houses by the newest standards.




FROTH-PAK foam spray PU insulation of cavity or wall
FROTH-PAK foam spray PU insulation of cavity or wall

An example of FROTH-PAK polyurethane foam usage in home improvement, insulating a wall or cavity with PU isolation. Injecting foam insulation. 100% airtight.